Mental Prayer


“The devil knows that he has lost the soul that perseveringly practices mental prayer.” – St. Teresa of Avila


Ø  Act of Faith (No matter where we are God is there, Presence of God) My God I believe I am in your presence from the depths of my nothingness I adore your Majesty.

Ø  Act of Humility (Contrition) because of my sins I should be suffering nothing but the pains of hell right now i'm sorry for having offended thee and in your Infinite Mercy please forgive me.

Ø  Prayer for God's Guidance (Eternal Father for the Love of Jesus and Mary please give me your light during this prayer so that it may be profitable to me) Hail Mary and Glory Be in honor of Mary.


Ø  Contemplation

o   Passion, Ways of the Cross, Stations of the Cross, the Holy Eucharist, the Sacred Heart Litany
Mysteries of the Rosary Annunciation
o   Sermon on the Mount
o   Prayers Apostles Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Doxology Glory Be to the Father, Veni
o   Creator, Veni Sancte, Come, Holy Spirit
o   Virtues of Mary Profound Humility, Lively Hope, Blind Obedience, Constant Prayer, Mortification (Mary had died to herself and lived for God.) Divine Purity, Ardent Charity, Heroic Patience, Angelic Sweetness, Divine Wisdom
o   The Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus
o   Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Magnificat, the Salve Regina, the Memorare, the Sub Tuum
o   Litany of the Saints, particularly the invocations that terminate it.
o   Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-12) Our Lord's discourse after the Last Supper (John 13-17)

Ø  Affections

o   Acts of Affection - Acts of Faith, My God I esteem you above all things, I love you above all things. Let me know what your will is and please give me the grace to follow it.
o   Ask for guidance, perseverance, holiness, salvation of our friends, ask to love God more and more. Oh God, come to my aide o Lord make haste to help me!
§  Through our Lord Jesus Christ.
o   My God, I love you with all of my heart.

Ø  Resolutions

o   Be more conscientious of all we encounter
o   Smile at everyone we meet
o   Curb our desires


Ø  Thank you for lights received
Ø  Resolve to keep resolution
Ø  Ask for Grace to keep resolution - we pray to God the Father through Jesus and Mary for the grace to keep our resolution.