6 Things we Can do Like Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa had given her all to answer God's call, without counting the cost. The fruitfulness of her apostolate came at the steep price of many years of sacrifice.  The sisters living closest to her could not help but notice the following stated below.  I'm sure if you are a parent, a single person, or whatever your vocation in life at one time or another in your life you have probably encountered one of the following.  Each time we encounter any difficulty we can offer it up to Jesus.  

1. She traveled extensively either by car, train or air.   

2. She walked to the slums in the dust and dirt.

3. Being tired, hungry, thirsty

4. No privacy - her door was always open, or when she traveled someone always wanted to take her photograph or ask something of her.  

5. No fan even in the hottest summer

6. Sleeping in a small room, on a narrow, hard iron bed. 

She would say almost daily, "All for Jesus."

And when she encountered special trials, she used to teach, "You know, this is the chance for greater love."  How is God calling us to be holy in this moment?