4 things the Saints did in Secret


1. St. Padre Pio prayed more than thirty rosaries a day.  This was a very important devotion for him. Whenever he had a spare moment, in the hallway, on the stairs, even going to and from the confessional, he would pray the rosary. He called the Rosary a weapon against the devil, and often, in old age, when he could not find his rosary, he would ask one of his brethren, "Where is my weapon?" He insisted that his spiritual children make the Rosary part of their daily devotions. 


2. Pope John Paul II settled his personal matters with God.  In Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokryzycki's book, He Liked Tuesdays Best, he revealed Pope John Paul II never shared his personal problems with his secretaries.  The Holy Father shared what happened during the day and would discuss plans for the next day, but he wouldn't share his problems or difficulties.  He left his personal matters with God.  

Source: He Liked Tuesdays Best. A Story About Everyday Life of the Blessed John Paul II


3. St. Francis de Sales crept out of bed early to pray, then he wrote, answered his letters, read his office, slept and prayed again. 

Jean Pierre Camus, Bishop of Belley, drilled a hole in St. Francis de Sales bedroom so he could spy on Francis when he was alone.  And what did Camus discover? Only that Francis was the same privately as he was in company. The beautiful manners, the unruffled compassion, the courtesy and humility were on display at the peephole as they had been in the pulpit or at the dinner table.  

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Copyright LeadustoHeaven

4. Blessed Mother Teresa whenever asked what her secret was for continuing her work she always answered, it's simple... I pray.